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What's so special about YOU?!

Today I have a very important challenge for you.

I would like you to take 15 minutes and instinctively write down a list of your ‘special stuff’

By this I mean what makes you uniquely you … your gifts, your talents, your achievements. What makes you feel happy or proud to be you? Be creative, be brave and have fun!

Too many of us get caught up in self comparison and what we believe others are good at … but what about us? What do others see that perhaps we take for granted? What makes us so special?

I call it your special stuff but the ‘correct’ term is that of unconscious competence. Those skills you can perform so easily you do them unconsciously.

When certain actions are repeated they become unconscious behaviours and we can repeat them without even ‘thinking’

That’s it! That’s the challenge ….. until next time those niggling self doubts pop up or imposter syndrome rears its head, dig out the list, read it, really let it sink in and take time to remember just how special you are.

*Bonus Challenge* If you are feeling as brave and as wonderful as I know you are, please feel free to email me your list!

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