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I am an accredited Life Coach and NLP Practitioner with accreditation from the Association of Coaching (AC) and Association for Neuuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP).

Anna - August 2021

Carla was totally committed to helping me feel more in control through a value-based approach as well as personalising her coaching to my individual circumstances. I have changed as a result of her coaching and it is for the better. She was approachable, knowledgeable and focused on enabling me to fulfil my goals. Highly recommended.

Pip - May 2021

I have found my coaching sessions with Carla invaluable in helping me identify an issue that has been holding me back in moving forward in my career and affecting other areas of my life. Examining the values I attach to work has allowed me to think more clearly about what I want from my professional life and more importantly how it fits within my whole life.

Vicky - February 2021

I had reached a stage in my career where I needed to make a change, yet I was uncertain as to which path to take . Carla carefully listened to the issues and guided me through a process to understand my core values so that I was able to feel more confident in making decisions. She helped me distil the key points and set out a pathway, step by step, to make the transition more manageable and achievable. She encouraged me to commit actions to dates, which removed any chance of procrastination. I would highly recommend Carla to help you get the best from yourself.

Above the Clouds

Saydie - March 2021

Carla is an excellent coach, she listens, guides and advises her clients. It's extremely refreshing to see someone so passionate about values and morals that make a person. If you are looking for support or coaching, I would highly recommend Carla to help you with creating the best version of you.

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