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Values Based Coaching

My approach recognises that understanding your values lie at the heart of any personal change programme.

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We can be happier when we align our core values

•  Are you managing a demanding career and juggling life as a working parent and feel out of alighnment in both?

•   Do you look for the good days and weeks to justify your work/life balance?


•   Does perfectionism, imposter syndrome and fear keep you trying to make the best of a career that is deemed successful, but one that doesn’t always light you up?


•   Are you considering your next career move but feel too overwhelmed, or feel ‘too busy’ to work it out?

•   As a leader are you too busy to prioritise your own needs and self care ?


•   Do you struggle to lead your teams when you feel close to burnout yourself?


•   Do you often buy books, start programmes or save ideas to improve your self care, but never finish them, or even start them?


•   Do you often wish you could lose your ‘to do’ list or delete your heaving in box to simply ease the pressure?


•   Do you feel frustrated at not having the physical time nor the mental clarity to seek out and take on the very information that would help you move forward?


In a nutshell are you too tired, too busy and too overwhelmed to read the books you think might help, to engage in the conversations that might move you forward or to focus on simple acts of self care that might provide moments of clarity?


Many of the clients I have worked with have felt this way, as senior leaders, working parents and entrepreneurs they have felt:


•   Too busy to work out the next steps for their families, their teams and most importantly themselves

•   Stuck and burnt out

•   Unhappy with a career that wasn’t aligned with their values


•   Struggled with self care

How can I help?

Through 1-2-1 coaching bespoke sessions, I will support and coach you using NLP processes and active listening.  This will be all about YOU.  There is no trickery in coaching, the magic and the answers are in you and I will help you to:

•   Determine the first steps towards your self awareness and self care

•   Establish the goal you are moving towards with a clear pathway

•   Connect to your core values and discover what really matters to you so all decisions have a foundation of YOU

•   Define strategies that reduce your overwhelm and create a healthier and more balanced life


We will work together to reduce feelings of overwhelm and busyness as you move to a mindset of clarity and creativity to work out your next best steps.


Whether in your personal or work life if you are thinking about, working out or taking the next step, I will work alongside you to help reduce overwhelm and confusion, to increase self care and provide a clear pathway forward and together we will aim to achieve:


•   Increased confidence and self belief

•   Reduce overwhelm and avoid burnout

•   Create a clear pathway to your goals, including your next best steps

•   Discover what is behind the everyday low level anxiety

•   Create a healthier and more balanced work

•   Achieve balance between leading your team and time for yourself

•   Create space, freedom and flexibility

•   Your first steps towards self care and self awareness

•   Alignment with all areas of your life

•   To feel truly happy

•   Better mental health

The reality is that at certain times of our life, we all get misaligned from our values and that's why we start feeling uncomfortable because what we're doing what the outside world expects and it doesn't align with who we are and how we're feeling inside. We just naturally grow out of alignment.


Through experience, empathy and coaching processes I aim I bring YOU back into alignment with your values and work out the next best steps for you in all areas of your life.


I now utilise my career experience in senior management, sales and leadership and run my own Coaching Consultancy working with clients on a 121 level via self discovery to work out their next best step. I help those I work with to re-connect to their values and core beliefs and with an attitude of gratitude and positivity work out their next best steps and to move forward with calm and clarity.

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