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Meet Carla

Accredited Life Coach and NLP practitioner

I understand what it feels like to be so out of alignment and so disconnected from my values that no amount of hard work was ever going to make me fulfilled.


I understand what it feels like to be working hard, but not reaping the rewards of true happiness.


Before studying and qualifying to become a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner I spent most of my professional career in Film, Television and Music.  Working hard to make my way up from an Account Manager to a place on the board as a Managing Director. 


My CV said I was:


“A senior management professional with over 25 years experience gained in the music, tv and film industries. A natural leader with an in depth knowledge of sales and leadership”


It was hard work and on paper the hard work had ‘paid off’ …. except the strategy of doing what was expected and just working harder and harder stopped paying off.   I was pretty miserable running from one task to another and the struggle and the juggle was real. 


Aside from the salary I really didn’t know WHY I was doing it any more?  I didn’t feel aligned with the companies values and beliefs and yet my heaving in box was enough to induce a panic attack. 

I knew I felt stuck, but I didn’t know what I wanted instead. I had no time for self care and despite having a great job something wasn’t right. I knew I wasn’t happy, I knew my career wasn’t aligned with my values.  Simply put I was both happy and unhappy and too busy to figure it out.


The confusion was further compounded by the fact I wasn’t always unhappy … it wasn’t all bad.  There was so many aspects of my career that truly loved and I didn’t want to lose.  Despite my anxiety I enjoyed my innate ability to be intuitive, to connect and create natural rapport with my clients and to lead my teams with genuine care, empathy and integrity.  I didn’t know it at the time, but along with the ultimate purpose of starting to raise a young family, these were my values shouting to heard.  The parts of my job that made my soul sing but when sat alongside the career I longer wanted or enjoyed, created deep misalignment and anxiety.


I had had inklings of this before, but without a family to look after I was able to push on and enjoy my success as a successful Account Manager, Sales Director and Managing Director.  The disconnection with my core values had been growing for a while but it wasn’t until I had to make the very real choices between family and work, and where I chose to spend my time and my energy that I knew I had to make a new plan and work out my next steps.

Realising I had a choice not to operate from a place of fear I made the bold choice to resign from the board and as Managing Director with no next job but with the next steps for me firmly in place. 


Once I had made the decision, resigning as an MD was bizarrely easy.  Despite a rough ride and giving up a large salary, I felt no resentment and absolutely no fear.  I knew I was taking the first step into a place of self care and purpose and a value driven life.



Life will become so much easier, hugely more enjoyable and you will feel all areas of your life are truly aligned.

I now utilise my career experience in senior management, sales and leadership and run my own Coaching Consultancy working with clients on a 121 level via self discovery to work out their next best step. I help those I work with to re-connect to their values and core beliefs and with an attitude of gratitude and positivity work out their next best steps and to move forward with calm and clarity.  


Whether you are considering your next career move or you are a Manager who is struggling to balance self care with leading your teams, or if you are simply feeling overwhelmed in life, I can help you connect to your core values and work out your next best steps.

The reality is that at certain times of our life, we all get misaligned from our values and that's why we start feeling uncomfortable because what we're doing what the outside world expects and it doesn't align with who we are and how we're feeling inside. We just naturally grow out of alignment.

For me, alignment with my values created a complete career change, but it may mean something very different for YOU.  The important aspect is connecting to your values, your why and harnessing the superpower of knowing your values.


Through experience, empathy and coaching processes I aim I bring YOU back into alignment with your values and work out the next best steps for you in all areas of your life.

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